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Coerver Coaching is a global football coaching program inspired by the teachings of Weil
Coerver and created in 1984 by Alfred Galustian and Chelsea great, Charlie Cooke.
Bedford Athletic Club has purchased the Coerver Coaching Ultimate DVD Set.
If you are interested in this material, please contact David Mitchell.

Improve your Game

This box set (3 DVDs) is based on the three facets of Science, Strength and Skill.
  1. Skills...The foundation of the Game. 
  2. Strength....The winning edge
  3. Science. Health and Well being. The Ultimate Goal. 
This set is aimed at players, parents, coaches and teachers.
It is less technical than the other DVD sets and will be good for the coaches in the younger divisions

Sesson Planner

This box set (5 DVDs) are based on Coerver Training and provides a simple way to easily create effective practice plans that will improve, motivate and inspire your players over the entire season.
The variations cover all abilities; beginning to advanced.

  1. Warm Up's (41 variations) 
  2. Speed (34 variations)
  3. Moves 1-v-1's (26 variations)
  4. Group Play/Small-Sided Games (46 variations)
  5. Home assignment (27 variations)

Super Soccer Package

Make Your Move.

This half of the box set (3 DVDs) is considered a proven system that will improve all players. This is considered a Coerver classic and an essential resource for any coach or player.
  1. 9 change of direction skills, 8 stop and start moves, 11 drills. 
  2. 11 feints and 9 drills 
  3. 8 additional feints and 7 more drills

Coerver Pyramid

This half of the box set (2 DVDs) are based on the Coerver Pyramid of learning, ballmastery, passing and receiving, speed, finishing and small group play. 
  1. 11 ball mastery drills, 15 passing and 30 1-1 drills. 14 skill drills. 
  2. 13 speed exercises, 12 finishing drills and 21 group play drills. 


This disc covers basic goalkeeping drills, warm ups and technique.