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Bedford Athletic Club

Bedford AC Fall 2020 High School Program

NOTE:  With the proposed reopening of the High School soccer program, we are suspending HS registrations with BAC.

With the cancellation of Fall Soccer at many schools, BAC has worked closely with NHSL to provide an option for High School players in the fall to play against other teams in the state.  This is a slightly modified travel program to keep costs as low as possible while still covering the league and state registration fees.  The season will be 6-7 games starting the weekend after Labor Day (or perhaps the following weekend if teams continue to flow in to NHSL).  We will NOT be offering professional training through Elite UK to this group, partially to keep costs down for them, partially because we have limited field space for practices, and partially because many of the HS players will still be doing some kind of workout with the school.  We will make field space available for practices should the teams so choose.

COST:  Cost of the fall program is $195 including a numbered shirt (players will provide their own shorts/socks).

COACHING:  We WILL need an adult to "coach" each team.  We have traditionally drawn our coaches from the pool of players on each team.  At this age, we really just need somebody to help manage the game with them.  If you are willing to volunteer for this role, please email travelprogram@bedfordac.com so we can get you set up.

The divisions are as follows:

FRESHMAN (up to U16)
JV (up to U18)
VARSITY (up to u20)

The cost is the same for all divisions, but you can sign up for the level at which you play at in HS.  For example, if you are a really strong Freshman or Sophomore that would play Varsity, you can sign up for that level.

REGISTRATION LINK:  https://www.gotsport.com/asp/application/reg/?ProgramID=91867&Type=PLAYER

If you have a player account from a previous BAC registration, please use the same one!   You can look up accounts and reset passwords directly.  If you have multiple children, each must be registered separately.



How are you handling COVID-19 safety?
We are following protocols and guidelines from both the state and NHSA.  For more info, visit our Covid page here:  http://bedfordac.gotsport.com/clubsite/?p=23747

When will I hear from my coach?
Once we get all registrations in, we will begin the process of assigning teams and coaches.  Expect to hear from your coach in early August.

Where and when are games?
Games are held weekends throughout New Hampshire, but most of the participating towns are within a 30 minute drive (though we have been known to play the occasional game in the Lakes Region).  Half of the games are "home" games here in Bedford and the remaining are played at the visitors home field.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the way we pay for and register players, we have a standard no-refund policy in place.  Depending on the timing and nature of the request, we may be able to make occasional exceptions. Should there be any change to the fall season due to COVID-19, we will offer refunds or credits for the fall season accordingly.  If we are unable to field enough players for a team, we will process refunds accordingly.