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The Town of Bedford is continuing road work on Greenfield Parkway. The construction company will be using the small parking lot at Greenfield Farms as a staging area, which means limited parking in the parking lot.  While this is going to be an inconvenience for the Spring season, we are asking for patience during this time.  We are also asking teams to minimize the number of cars when possible and park along the numerous side streets within walking distance from the field. 

Please see the image below and note the following:

  1. This is a residential neighborhood.  There are families, kids, and pets out during nice weather.  Please be cautious while driving.

  2. No parking on Greenfield Parkway adjacent to the field.  There are "No Parking" signs along the entire section of Greenfield Parkway adjacent to the field and the police will be ticketing and towing illegally parked vehicles.  This is also the construction area where the road is being repaved.

  3. No parking on the grass.  Anywhere.  This includes the grass alongside the field along the parkway as well as median strips and lawns.

  4. There are multiple side streets very close to the field.  If possible, please try to park in one of the areas highlighted in yellow as those will have the least impact on residents as there are no houses in these sections.

  5. Do not park on both sides of the road.  Many of these side streets are only wide enough for 2 vehicles, and with cars parked along the side there will not be room for larger vehicles to get through.

  6. Please do not block driveways.  You will be towed.

  7. No dogs are permitted on any Bedford town fields per town bylaws.
Please understand that the paving project and restricted parking impacts the area residents far more than it impacts soccer.  We want to be respectful of the residents and their property.  We know this will be challenging and the construction company will likely have staff to help direct traffic flow. We thank you for your patience and understanding.